Christmas Soap Box

Christmas Soap Box

Christmas soap boxes are here to bring you a beautiful customized gift for anyone from wives, teachers, or grandparents! Each box is carefully packaged with soaps, shea butter lotion or body butter, lip balm, and a loofah for exfoliation

Soaps: choose any soaps 

Lotion: Cranberry Pomegranate, Christmas Orange, or Gingersnap

Lip balm: Peppermint, Brown Sugar, or Caramel Nutmeg

Small Box Includes: 3 soaps, 1 lip balm, 4 oz lotion, and loofah

Large Box Includes: 4 soaps, 1 lip balm, 8 oz body butter, and loofah

*Verify your scent choices in the "notes" section at checkout. Scents will be chosen at random "notes" is left blank

**Packages will be mailed Thursday, Dec 19 

***Quantities limited!